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The size of the plants you receive from us varies somewhat with the variety and type of crape myrtle.

A Mini Crape Myrtle, while not as tall as a Tree Crape Myrtle is usually much fuller.

All of the plants we sell are very full and well-branched.

To answer this question, the plants we ship to you are usually between 1' foot and 4' depending on variety you order. We try to ship to you the biggest plant of the variety you order that we have in stock.

Crape myrtles grow very fast so you will have no trouble doubling the size in a few months. Blooms arrive every year and they bloom for months.

Water and fertilize(weekly) and they will grow fast. Slow down fertilizing and watering when the weather starts to cool off in late Fall.

All plants are shipped in strong new boxes and all plants are shipped in new pots. Never do we ship any plants  "bare root" .