Street Plantings
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How many plants do you know that are cold hardy and can be grown as a Tall Tree, Medium Tree, Dwarf Tree, Miniature Shrub, Hanging Basket, Pot Plant, Whiskey Barrel Container, Groundcover, Border Plant around a Home etc.etc.

How many plants do you know that come in almost every color you can dream of including deep reds, bright reds, watermelon reds, violets, lavenders, purples, whites, lavender-blue's, white-lavender's, pinks, fuschias, light pinks, pinkish-whites, etc.etc

How many cold hardy plants do you know that can begin blooming before Mothers Day and continue non-stop until the first frost in November

How many cold hardy plants do you know that will laugh at the hottest sidewalk heat any big city can offer and never stop blooming

Well, you've met the answer to those questions in this Web Site and we hope you enjoy these photos illustrating one of the most versatile, beautiful, and under-used plants in the U.S.........


Dwarfs6.JPG (52499 bytes)
This group of watermelon red Dwarf Tree Crape Myrtles is
planted in a small island median at the
entrance to an apartment complex



Another view of the same group of watermelon red Dwarf Trees.








Street1.JPG (71573 bytes)

A group of Tall Tree Crape Myrtles lining a boulevard




Low Growing(6-8') Crape Myrtle variety 'Velma's Royal Delight'(deep purple) used by Cablevision to try and hide their giant dish








Sarah97.jpg (36715 bytes)Pure White Tall Tree variety 'Sarah's Favorite' shades a quiet sidewalk







FallColor1.jpg (84853 bytes)
Captivating Fall Color of watermelon red variety 'Tuscarora'






pruning2.jpg (82207 bytes)
Medium Height Tree Crape Myrtle variety 'Catawba'(violet) is beautiful in full bloom but needs someone to snip off those unsightly "suckers" near the base





Sarah15.jpg (56010 bytes)
Pure White Tall Tree variety 'Sarah's Favorite' shade the parking lot of a bank


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