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Located near Tallahassee, The University of Florida's Agricultural Research Center at Monticello, Florida sponsors research and testing for all Cold Hardy Crape Myrtles distributed throughout the U.S. and the World.

They have a nice selection of Our Patented True Miniature Crape Myrtles along with just about every Tall, Medium, and Dwarf Crape Myrtle variety ever released. 

The grounds are meticulously maintained in a park-like setting. The photos you see below were taken on a pleasant summer afternoon while strolling the grounds.


A striking example of the Crape Myrtle's Exfoliating Bark. Note correct pruning technique










A hauntingly beautiful, Spanish Moss draped Live Oak tree frames blooming Dwarf(6-12') Crape Myrtles at the North Florida Research Station, Monticello, Florida






Mont1.JPG (67884 bytes)
"The Sun Comes Out"(click photo for full size)




Our New Patented True Miniature Red Variety 'Sacramento'(ideal for groundcovers, or borders)being tested at the Research Center.








NearEast1.JPG (52182 bytes)
Everyone's favorite Dwarf Variety 'Near East'




Mont210.JPG (20681 bytes)
This photo will give you an idea of what the Medium Height Trees(12'to25') look like, superb pruning too




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