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Variety 'Cordon Bleu' in a 12" Hanging Basket
(Photo taken at the Home of June and Len Verbois,Canada)

Variety Descriptions

NAME(Abbreviation)   COLOR    HEIGHT    BEST USES


WORLDS FAIR (W.F.) Best all-around variety
Deep Red 18-24"
Height    Best all-around variety. Landscapes: Use as borders around houses or buildings, mass plantings see photo of Worlds Fair Planting), groundcovers. Containers: Excellent in 12 - 16" patio pots or planters. Hanging Baskets: Best in 10 - 12" baskets.

Watermelon Red 18-24" Height HOUSTON (Hu.) New! Watermelon Red 18-24" Height 
Developed from Worlds Fair. Very symmetrical, full with attractive foliage. Like Worlds Fair it is excellent in any Landscape Use. Requires less fertilizer for maximum blooming. Makes very full hanging baskets and containers.

  Pocomoke (Po)
only 8" to 12" at maturity
Rose-Red new 2000 introduction from the National Arboretum, Washington,DC. Excellent for rock gardens, 6-8" hanging baskets, as an small border.

  Chicksaw (Chi)
only 8" to 12" at maturity
Fuschia-Pink new 2000 introduction from the National Arboretum in Washington,DC. Excellent in beds, rock gardens etc. 

Lavender Blue 2-3' Height   
First Bluish flowered Crape Myrtle
Very heavy bloomer. Landscapes: Use in borders or as specimen plantings. Containers: Excellent in larger containers such as 16" patio pots or in half whiskey barrels. Great for Patios or Pool areas.

Watermelon Red 2-3' 
 Larger variety and unusually attractive in that each branch grows one over the other forming "layers" of branches. One of the better varieties for larger containers like half barrels(3 per barrel). Excellent as a specimen landscape planting.

Rare Pure White 24"
Pure white variety which is unusual in crape myrtles. Heavy bloomer which does well in larger containers and hanging baskets in addition to landscapes.

Solid Pink 18" Height
One of the Earliest, Heaviest blooming varieties. Once it starts blooming it doesn't want to stop. Best in smaller containers or planted closely together in landscape.

Purple 6"-12"
Lowest growing variety. Best in smaller pots or hanging baskets (10-12"). Excellent as groundcover or in rock gardens. Lower growing than Pocomoke or Chickasaw

  BiColor (Bi) 
Red/Pink  & White mixed 3' to 4.5' feet 
Upright, very heavy bloomer each petal in the flower being a mixture of reddish-pink and white. Excellent as a specimen landscape planting or in a larger container placed in a pool or patio area.

Deep Red 18-24" Height
Must see to be believed. 

Wholesalers say it is the best TRUE miniature ever developed. Developed from Worlds Fair, a deeper red, more compact, fuller more symmetrical growing variety. Leaves are smaller than Worlds Fair with many flower clusters. Very heavy bloomer 2nd year. Suited to all landscape uses and all container and basket uses.

Bright Red 3-4.5'  Height
Upright very heavy blooming variety with bright red flowers. Excellent in large half whiskey barrels(3 per barrel) or as a specimen planting in landscape.

Deep Violet Purple 2-3'   Height
Unusual in plant tends to grow upward then branches begin to cascade downward in what we call "Oval Weeping". Best in a larger container or half barrel.

Red- Pink Picotee 2-3' Height 
Heavy bloomer with each flower "picoteeing"(flowers have a deeper red edging along the outside of the petal). The Picotee is most apparent when the weather is cooler. Beautiful grayish green foliage. Larger 12" Hanging Baskets, larger containers, landscape borders etc.

Watermelon Red 18-24" Height
Excellent Hanging Basket or medium sized container variety. Grayish green foliage with heavy blooming.

Very Rare Whitish-Lavender-Blue 18"  Height
Cousin of Delta Blush with most unusual lavender white flowers (a color I have never observed in the tree types). Like Delta Blush, Lafayette is one of the heavier bloomers and it tends to be ever blooming. Best in medium sized containers. Somewhat upright growth habit. I have had some with blooms at Christmas.

Bright Pink 18" Height
This very unusual variety has narrow grayish green foliage and we have been told it resembles a Crepe Myrtle crossed with a Nandina. Many narrow branches with clusters of flowers at the tip. Excellent in Hanging baskets or smaller pots.

Darkest Black Purple Crape ever 3-4.5' Height
This upright unusual variety has the darkest purple-black  flowers we have seen. Best as conversation specimen plant on patio or near pool in a large container(3 per half whiskey barrel). Quite attractive.

BATON ROUGE (B.R.) Best for background landscapes
Bright Red 2-3' Height
Still our most popular Red landscaping variety. Heavy bloomer, fast grower, suited to border plantings or larger containers and baskets.

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