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Top 10 Reasons why the Patented True Mini Weeping Crape Myrtles Lagerstroemia are so Popular with Gardeners, Landscapers and Homeowners:

ThCBCtyFair2imp.jpg (38171 bytes)
Lagerstroemia Variety 'Cordon Bleu' in a whiskey barrel

Top 10 Reasons:


1. The Blooming Season   

Our patented Lagerstroemias Miniature Weeping Crape Myrtles) begin blooming in mid to late May and continue blooming throughout the summer until about October or the first frost. Total blooming period is mid-May through October(5 months)

daryl.jpg (36539 bytes)
   click photo
var. 'Lafayette'(left) and var. 'Worlds Fair'(right) in clay pots
(photo of Daryl at Home of Jeff and Brian Chopin)

2. Time of Bloom

Just as important as the length of the blooming period is the time or season of bloom. Our Patented Crape Myrtles bloom during the hot summer months when most other perennial plants are finished.

3.Cold Tolerance

Many growers are quick to point out that crape myrtles are basically warm area plants - and that's true, especially if they are trees planted in the landscape and subject to nature. Our Mini Crapes can be used as a landscape plant and still be hardy to Zone 5. That's one-half of the U.S., including the Sun Belt and the West Coast. But possibly its greatest use may be as a blooming pot plant and/or hanging basket. In a 6" pot or 8" hanging basket the plants are cold hardy to about -15F when left outdoors.

 BiSteps1.jpg (38328 bytes)
variety 'Bicolor' on the front steps of the Washington(Pa) County
Courthouse Home of the Historic "Whiskey Rebellion"
Grown in Zone 5(-15F)  Pittsburgh, Pa


4. Heat Loving

Another excellent selling point: the only perennials that thrived and bloom during mid-summer heat waves are Crape Myrtles. And remember there is not a single city in the US that does not get HOT in the summer.


The Miniature Weeping Lagerstroemias can go from a liner to a 6" pot or 10" basket for Mother's Day and All-Summer Sales. Since I have genetically bred crape myrtle trees into miniatures, some have called them "instant bonsai".

LouReda.jpg (42108 bytes)
3 year old variety 'Sacramento'(foreground) and
'Baton Rouge'(background) in Washington County(Zone 5, -15F)Pa. in half whiskey barrels

6. Attractiveness of Foliage

Many have called Our Patented Lagerstroemias "foliage plants that bloom".

LayeredWhskBar.jpg (46036 bytes)
3 year old variety 'Creole'
showing rare "layering" branches.
Potted in half whiskey barrel, Zone 5

Notice the "Layering" of Branches


7. Energy Efficient

We like to call our Patented Mini Weeping Crape Myrtles the "plant of NEXT CENTURY 2000" because of its energy efficiency. Growers of liner can cut back their greenhouses to 50F in the winter and early spring.

8. Speed of Crop

Our Patented Lagerstroemia Liners to finished product in only 90 days or less! This is one of the fastest growing plants you'll ever try. Use 3 liners small plants) to finish 10" Hanging Basket for Mothers Day or Late Spring Sales.

9. Length of Salable (ie, Blooming) Plant Material

From Mother's Day through October, the Mini weeping Crape Myrtle is salable and in full bloom from late-May through September.

10. Patented

Our Miniature Weeping Crape Myrtles varieties have valuable U.S. Plant Patents.

11. Breeding & Research Potential

We are constantly developing new Lagerstroemia varieties, colors, earlier bloomers. We are currently engaged year 'round forcing experiments.

BiCtHSteps2imp.jpg (38938 bytes)
variety 'Bicolor' on the front steps of the Historic Washington, Pa. County
Courthouse Home of the Famous "Whiskey Rebellion"

Foreground variety 'Bicolor'  used as Specimen Plants in Zone 5.  Rear shows variety 'Baton Rouge'

We're Proud to Say We've
Been Chosen"Millennium 2000 Registered
Plant  Introduction

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