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Why Pay a Middleman?

When YOU Can Become

A "Licensed Grower"

From the Original and the 1st Inventors

Of the USA Patented, True

Miniature Weeping Crape Myrtles

Note: Not All Commercial Growers are interested in "Growing" but itís the least expensive way to propagate and market all types of crape myrtles. We have a separate package of info for those who are interested. The Basic Plan includes 150 Stock Plants consisting of all varieties we stock. This gets you started.

To professional growers interested in proceeding remember:

a) To make money be the 1st in your area to introduce this new plant(we protect your territory for 50 miles)

b) If after a year you change your mind, take the 150 stock plants, pot them in 12" hanging baskets or 5 gallon pots, sell them, and youíve broken even or even made a slight profit. We shake hands and go our separate ways.

c) There are NO HIDDEN CLAUSES. We wrote this simple agreement based on traditional Rose, Poinsettia, and Mum License Agreements.

If youíre interested Call 352-486-6922 and we will be happy to answer your questions about this program that can make you money with a minimum investment.

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